Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Spring, Sex, Candies

My life started when everybody least expected, on December 31, not so many years ago. I came into this world at around 3 pm, just in time to make myself pretty for the New Year’s Eve party of 1980. Who would be so crazy to miss a party in the 80’s? Really now! Not me, for sure! I never miss a good party! You might think it is more appropriate for a child to come into the world on Christmas. But I was never crazy about old men dressed in red, so I decided to skip it that year.
I am sure I will also die when everybody least expects it, but enough with the morbid talk since it is spring outside and I am pretty sure I will outlive most of my friends, best case scenario. Best case scenario, for them, of course. Because I may outlive all of them. Thank God I can make friends really easy otherwise I would be dead! Well, not exactly dead, just socially dead. You know what I mean. But I take this chance to let them know that I will miss every one of them and to thank them in advance for keeping me company all their lives. Thank you, guys!
As a child, I was an angel with big eyes and curly hair. Bossing around the other kids and harrasing my sister but getting away with it because of the big eyes and the curly hair. My sister is fine now, in case you are wondering.  She has her own tree in London and she spends romantic moments with her exotic boyfriend under that tree and when women in their 40s tell them they are a nice couple she doesn’t understand tat, in fact, those women would like some sugar with them. But otherwise, she is fine. Most of the time, at least. I hope. I don’t know. Anyhow…
My life is not easy. It never was! I had to face hard times ever since I was a teenager, when I realised my breasts didn’t take a break from growing but they actually stopped the process. Although I like to believe I came into this world as a bless, there were times when I thought that actually God made a joke on me. It is like he said, in his greatness: Well, here you are, girl! I gave you the small breasts and the big ass! Let’s see how you will manage to have a sex life with this package!
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