Friday, August 19, 2011

Toronto - Ten First Dates Later

I am a single woman in Toronto and I am having the time of my life. Men are everywhere, I have my mind and my eyes open not to miss any opportunity to improve my knowledge in Manology. I am getting so good at this that there are big chances I become either a nun or a lesbian, very very soon. The more I learn about men, the less interesting I find them. I still like sex though, I think this is what keeps me going for now.
In Toronto there are more women than men so they are trying harder. Most of them are emigrants, so each individual is unique, a blend of his own background, education and Canadian influences. A girl has more chances here, than in a regular city, to find young, very well educated professionals of all colours and religions. Diversity is amazing and I feel like I am in a candy store: I want them all!!!
Bottom line, I enjoy beyond words dating men in Toronto, observing them, playing my own games with them or getting into their games and playing along. I just cant have enough. How can you settle to one when you have another ten waiting in line? I am not ready to make big decisions yet so I am gonna keep doing some cake tasting for a while. You never know what tomorrow might bring. What if I have to go back to my little Romanian home town tomorrow? If you knew what kind of men live in that town, you would make me date five Torontonians at a time and apply for refugee (love life reasons).
I am in Toronto for almost eight months and I had 10 first dates. Some were nice, some were not that nice, some were weird etc. Here they are, in brief:

Monday, August 8, 2011

Love Sex Men

How to make a man feel special
Between you and I, it is not such a big deal being a man. Maybe it was a big deal few hundred years ago when men were ruling the world and the households, but now? Except for sexual entertainment for straight girls, they have no other significant use. They should pray nature doesn’t make all of us bisexual because in this case they are gonna be extinct. We can do everything they do nowadays, we can even have children without their help. We can keep some good ones for breeding in special facilities, collect the DNA from time to time and we are done.  No more drama in our lives.
Meanwhile, while men are still running free and we are not all bisexual, we should try to make them  feel useful and good about their manhood. For example, everytime you must open a can, check if you have any man around you and if so, you can ask for help: "Hey, be a man and open this for me". If you have no man around you, just open it by yourself, it is ok. Anyway, we are genetically scheduled for doing harder things in our lives, like giving birth.
Remember, you can also make a man feel special if you have to open a jar or reach for something on an upper shelf or if you must carry a bag of groceries. Trust me, they will feel irreplaceable and some will get so arrogant about it that they will treat you like shit just because you have to put up with it otherwise, who on Earth will open the jars for you? In this case, stop using jars/cans, buy a stool to reach the upper shelves and get another man.There are plenty out there.

How to make a man be loyal to you
Feed him. This is how you get any pet’s love and undivided attention. Men, just like dogs, will always come back  where the hot meal is. Meanwhile, they might stray like there is no tomorrow but you just want them to be loyal, meaning to always come back home after playing outside. Feed him and you will have him home by dinner every day.  If this is what you want, ok, do it. It actually works. That guy, Pavlov, proved it.
But, if you want from a man to start straying as late as possible, the secret is not to feed him. First of all, show him what you got in bed, on the floor, in the shower, all over the house. If he claims he is hungry, order something. Pizza delivery got faster and faster these days. When you think he already likes and appreciates what you gave him in the other rooms, you can show him your skills in the kitchen. Let it be a surprise. Tell him it is the first time you cooked so he will think you are a natural. Sex him first, cook for him after. Otherwise, you will be just like his mother. Whom, I am sure, he deeply loves and no woman will ever be as good as she is but keep in mind that he doesn’t have sexual desire for her. So, figure out your priorities.
Bottom line is that you cannot make a man loyal, you can just hope for the best. If he is not loyal, it is ok, he is not irreplaceable. Now go get yourself one (man) and practice.