Thursday, September 22, 2011

Men Men Men

This post is about men. What’s new in that, you may wonder, as I always write about men, like I am a manoholic or something! My bad, my dear readers. Is that I love men so much! And I find them fascinating, I can’t get enough of them! I look for their company, I like talking to them, I like trying to find out how they function, why they are so…men. The experiment is still running and I haven’t made any outstanding discoveries yet, of course. I am mostly having fun. I am looking at them slowly, I am taking my time. Either they are my friends, my ex boyfriends or just boys that I dated once or more than once, I want to make justice to them in this post. I want them to know that I enjoyed / I am enjoying every moment with them and between them and I, men make more sense than women. In everything! One conclusion I have come to, is that we don’t understand men, because we think too complicated. They think in such simpler terms that our mind can’t comprehend.

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Friday, September 9, 2011

Canadian Ryan About Romania

Ryan googled a little about Romania and he found interesting stuff like: gypsies, Inna, Muma Padurii, Brăila, Hungarians, Traian Vuia, communism. Nothing about Dracula, though. Or Hagi. But his observations are priceless! Enjoy!

P.S. Ryan is the cuttest drummer ever! :))

Ryan:  Gypsies. 2.6 percent of the population.
Lavinia:  Yeah. One too many, some might say :))
Ryan: You guys start school at age 6 or 7?
Lavinia: Usually 7.
Ryan: Inna is hot
Lavinia: Hahahaha. I like her looks. She is my type of girl. :)))
Ryan: I will be famous and tour Romania to meet her. Hahaha.
Lavinia: She is already famous so it is a matter of time until she gets here. I hear one of her songs all the time here.
Ryan: Oh, she has a song named Hot. It makes sense. I bet she is completely manufactured.
Lavinia: Yes, she is a product.
Ryan: Muma Padurii sounds freaky. She lives in a little house in the woods and attacks children. Why is she such a bitch?
Lavinia: Not anymore. Fat-Frumos killed her.
Ryan: OH RIGHT! The Knight, who fought her and the griffons! The Knight is like Romanian Batman but Batman is cooler. …You guys use spells?
Lavinia: …….
Ryan: The star boys sound kinda gay.
Lavinia: Who is that?
Ryan:  It says they sing at Christmas. Braila sounds like a place where blind people live. Oh, you guys are mega orthodox. Not good. Church bad. What else? Lots of Hungarians live there. Traian Vuia built a stupid plane.
Lavinia: It wasnt stupid!!! Come on!!
Ryan: Hahaha it was ok for THEN! It couldnt fly well now.
Lavinia: He tried!!!
Ryan: Yeah well, we invented penicillin, antibiotics.Go Canada!
Lavinia: You did? I thought we did! :)))
Ryan: Yeah, we did!
Lavinia: A Romanian guy invented the pen! How about that???
Ryan: So if your country actually did cool stuff in the past, what happened?
Lavinia: That is the one million dollar question, cute drummer!:))))))
Ryan: You guys are in the middle of everything. So every war probably had you in the middle.
Lavinia: True. Everybody fucked us. J)))
Ryan: Someone has gotta fuck something. MR SAXOBEAT.HAHAHA. BEST SONG NAME EVER!
Lavinia: I have never heard about that!
Ryan: Looks like an evil government screwed you guys up.
Lavinia: Or several.
Ryan: All the oligarchs still control things. So basically, before it was communist, so at least people got a bit, now everyone is on their own and it sent it into a chaotic state.
Lavinia: Our president told us that we are on our own and if we dont like it, we should leave the country. Which I did.
Ryan: Fuck that. What an ass!