Friday, January 6, 2012

For You

If you love me…
I will listen to everything you want to tell me and let you do things your way, even if I think it is wrong.
I will make you laugh every day and let you cry if you want to cry. I will not cry with you because big girls don’t cry. And I am a big girl.
I will make love to you almost every morning, even before coffee.
I will let you get drunk every Friday and Saturday night.
I will get drunk with you.
I will hold you in my arms while you sleep even if you push me away.
I will hold your hand at all times, even when I don’t like you that much.
I will learn how to cook your favourite dishes.
I will tell you how handsome you are and how great it feels to have such an amazingly handsome boyfriend  at least once a week. Or so…
I will let you buy me expensive presents from time to time. I will not make you to always return them because we have to save.
I will buy expensive presents for you from time to time, even though we have to save. I know you will let me. You are so arrogant and spoiled.
I will not call you arrogant and spoiled that often.
I will still ask you to cut your hair.
I will not get mad you spend more time than me in front of the mirror. In fact I will buy you your own mirror. A big one.
I will go to as many film festivals as possible. (Only you know why! And your best friend!)
I will wear my hair in a ponytail when I go out with you, just because you like it.
I will make you one child. One! Not four!
I will kiss you and hug you every day.
I will let you take care of me.
I will take care of you.
I will try to make you happy.

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