Friday, May 18, 2012

Bad Dates

Nails done, hair done, heels on, pretty dress on, smile on! There you are, ready for your date, hoping the guy will be nice and the night will be fun.
But not all dates go smooth. I am sure that many of you, ladies, had at least one unhappy encounter out there.
There are times when things can go from wrong to dangerous and when you hear this kind of stories, somehow, a last minute cancellation of a date because the unexpected arrival of the wife you had no idea it exists or the guy spending half the night trying to convince you in all possible ways to go to his place and have sex, look less like the end of your world.
I once had one very bad date in Toronto. It started the very classic way: boy met girl at the subway, boy helped girl with her very heavy luggage, boy made some cute small talk with the girl, boy asked girl out on Friday night.
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