Thursday, July 14, 2011

Women, Sex, Strawberries

I like being a woman but I can’t tell why. We are so fucking weird. We might look cute in dresses, you might like our shiny hair and soft skin but you don’t wanna be in our head. There are days when I want out of my head as I just can’t take it anymore. If I want out, how can I blame a guy? How can I tell him he is so lucky to have me when I actually think of how much bad luck this guy must have, to bump into me, from all women.  And no, I am not worse than other women. I am just more honest. We are a pain in the ass and we know it.
Out of my great honesty and by answering a few basic questions,  I have decided to share some tips to help men understand women a little.  No reward required. Just try to be a better man. If you can.
How do I get a woman?

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Men, Sex, Strawberries

Question: What happens if it's raining men and you have no umbrella?
Answer: You get wet.
Ok, so I can’t find my umbrella. Not that I looked for it too much. But this is a different story.
What I wanted to tell you is I have realized that in my every day life I mostly talk about myself and about  men. And this is not my choice. I would rather talk about myself but men always come into discussion and steal my thunder. Girls talk about men. Men want to  know what girls talk about men. So either I hang out with girls or boys or both, the topic will be the same: men. No matter the job people will have, from unemployed to scientists, topic is the same: men.
Because I don’t find men that interesting and I would rather talk about myself as I am way much more of a topic than all the men in my zip code and not only (forgive my arrogance, but it's true), this post will be about what I think of men.
There are few questions girls ask all the time so here I am disclosing the absolute truth, just out of my good nature. Say thank you very much, ladies!
How do I get the man I want?

Friday, July 1, 2011

Toronto - Six Months Later

When I look back six months ago it is if I look back in another life time. So many intense, beautiful and meaningful things happened to me during these six months in Toronto, that I sometimes have the feeling I am living somebody else’s life.
When I left Romania, I actually ran away. My country and my town couldn’t have me anymore and I couldn’t have them. I was slowly turning into a small person, with a small mind, living a small life. For me, sky is the limit and my dreams have no borders, so living like that was killing me on the inside. I remember I was feeling drawn and bored. Tomorrow was just another day.  My life was going by too fast. I didn’t stop to cease the day anymore. What was even worse, was that I couldn’t foretell anything interesting in the years to come. It seemed that when I ended my relationship with my ex boyfriend, I ended my relationship with my town and with my country. Therefore my strong desire to escape as soon as possible.  At least for a while, to figure out where I stand and what I want to do with my life. Everything felt wrong and I didn't fit there anymore.
I chose Canada for my escape and I let fate choose between Toronto and Montreal.  I believe in fate. So many times destiny had its way with me and proved me wrong when I was so sure I was right. There were times in my life when I thought I can have things my way. Many times I discovered that in fact, different things were carefully planned for me and what I wanted didn’t matter. That is why I don’t fight destiny anymore. I walk through life with a smile on my face and a positive attitude, always ready to embrace the unknown and to take all chances life offers me. I don’t spend my lifetime planning ahead anymore, I would rather spend my lifetime living and enjoying everything I am given. The same happened with Canada. I just intended to come here. The rest was nothing but destiny. That is why I like to think that I didn’t choose Toronto. Toronto chose me. It was supposed to be a five months getaway, to put my mind in order and get ready for the next step. Now, six months later, I want to live here forever. From the first moment I walked the streets of Toronto, I felt like I was home, back from a very long journey.