Thursday, July 14, 2011

Women, Sex, Strawberries

I like being a woman but I can’t tell why. We are so fucking weird. We might look cute in dresses, you might like our shiny hair and soft skin but you don’t wanna be in our head. There are days when I want out of my head as I just can’t take it anymore. If I want out, how can I blame a guy? How can I tell him he is so lucky to have me when I actually think of how much bad luck this guy must have, to bump into me, from all women.  And no, I am not worse than other women. I am just more honest. We are a pain in the ass and we know it.
Out of my great honesty and by answering a few basic questions,  I have decided to share some tips to help men understand women a little.  No reward required. Just try to be a better man. If you can.
How do I get a woman?

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