Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Men, Sex, Strawberries

Question: What happens if it's raining men and you have no umbrella?
Answer: You get wet.
Ok, so I can’t find my umbrella. Not that I looked for it too much. But this is a different story.
What I wanted to tell you is I have realized that in my every day life I mostly talk about myself and about  men. And this is not my choice. I would rather talk about myself but men always come into discussion and steal my thunder. Girls talk about men. Men want to  know what girls talk about men. So either I hang out with girls or boys or both, the topic will be the same: men. No matter the job people will have, from unemployed to scientists, topic is the same: men.
Because I don’t find men that interesting and I would rather talk about myself as I am way much more of a topic than all the men in my zip code and not only (forgive my arrogance, but it's true), this post will be about what I think of men.
There are few questions girls ask all the time so here I am disclosing the absolute truth, just out of my good nature. Say thank you very much, ladies!
How do I get the man I want?

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Anonymous said...

mda, pentru zona in care traiesti mai nou, sa zicem ca e un text bun, cu idee, continut, un pic hazliu.....da pentru desteptii aia trece, avem pretentii mult mai mari de la tine, ne-ai invatat cu alte standarde!