Friday, September 9, 2011

Canadian Ryan About Romania

Ryan googled a little about Romania and he found interesting stuff like: gypsies, Inna, Muma Padurii, Brăila, Hungarians, Traian Vuia, communism. Nothing about Dracula, though. Or Hagi. But his observations are priceless! Enjoy!

P.S. Ryan is the cuttest drummer ever! :))

Ryan:  Gypsies. 2.6 percent of the population.
Lavinia:  Yeah. One too many, some might say :))
Ryan: You guys start school at age 6 or 7?
Lavinia: Usually 7.
Ryan: Inna is hot
Lavinia: Hahahaha. I like her looks. She is my type of girl. :)))
Ryan: I will be famous and tour Romania to meet her. Hahaha.
Lavinia: She is already famous so it is a matter of time until she gets here. I hear one of her songs all the time here.
Ryan: Oh, she has a song named Hot. It makes sense. I bet she is completely manufactured.
Lavinia: Yes, she is a product.
Ryan: Muma Padurii sounds freaky. She lives in a little house in the woods and attacks children. Why is she such a bitch?
Lavinia: Not anymore. Fat-Frumos killed her.
Ryan: OH RIGHT! The Knight, who fought her and the griffons! The Knight is like Romanian Batman but Batman is cooler. …You guys use spells?
Lavinia: …….
Ryan: The star boys sound kinda gay.
Lavinia: Who is that?
Ryan:  It says they sing at Christmas. Braila sounds like a place where blind people live. Oh, you guys are mega orthodox. Not good. Church bad. What else? Lots of Hungarians live there. Traian Vuia built a stupid plane.
Lavinia: It wasnt stupid!!! Come on!!
Ryan: Hahaha it was ok for THEN! It couldnt fly well now.
Lavinia: He tried!!!
Ryan: Yeah well, we invented penicillin, antibiotics.Go Canada!
Lavinia: You did? I thought we did! :)))
Ryan: Yeah, we did!
Lavinia: A Romanian guy invented the pen! How about that???
Ryan: So if your country actually did cool stuff in the past, what happened?
Lavinia: That is the one million dollar question, cute drummer!:))))))
Ryan: You guys are in the middle of everything. So every war probably had you in the middle.
Lavinia: True. Everybody fucked us. J)))
Ryan: Someone has gotta fuck something. MR SAXOBEAT.HAHAHA. BEST SONG NAME EVER!
Lavinia: I have never heard about that!
Ryan: Looks like an evil government screwed you guys up.
Lavinia: Or several.
Ryan: All the oligarchs still control things. So basically, before it was communist, so at least people got a bit, now everyone is on their own and it sent it into a chaotic state.
Lavinia: Our president told us that we are on our own and if we dont like it, we should leave the country. Which I did.
Ryan: Fuck that. What an ass!



Adriana said...

No way... ce tareeee....
E pe bune conversatia?

Lavinia said...

Hahahaha, da, e super tare. Am fost la un concert de-al lor si unul dintre baieti stia de Hagi. Ryan nu stia nimic asa ca s-a dus acasa și si-a facut temele, dupa cum vezi:)) Ma bucur ca mi-a zis pe chat toate astea, ca daca mi le zicea live, sigur le uitam pana ajungeam sa le scriu. Asa decat am dat copy paste, sa se mai amuze si altii.