Saturday, May 5, 2012

Players Versus Jerks

There are many kinds of men in this world. Some are good, some are very good and some are great. But they are not my point on this blog, as I am not here to write about the lives of saints. We had Jesus' dudes to do that. I am not them. What I want to talk about, is players and jerks. You might say they are same shit but, no, they are very different shit.

In my short life, I have come across many players, due to going out too much, being friendly and drinking beer and cocktails and wine, things that make me even more friendlier. I don't dislike players because, unlike jerks, they are honest. When somebody is honest with you, they give you a choice. If you make a mistake, it is your fault. If they are not honest, they manipulate you, so the mistake is not entirely yours. Yet, you are to blame, for letting yourself manipulated.

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