Monday, July 16, 2012

Love is my religion

The past few weeks all eyes have been on Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. I usually don’t care much about celebrity divorces so I don’t follow them closely. But I consider this particular divorce interesting, because it brings into attention the case of how religion can destroy a family, if not handled carefully.

I am the kind of girl that believes in love and not in religion. I am spiritual but I am more into science than into bible. I have studied the major religions to see what they are all about, I have nothing against people practicing different religions and I would like people not having something against me practicing none. Probably Tom Cruise wanted Suri to be raised in his sci-fi religion and Katie Holmes did not agree, hence the divorce.

The beauty of Toronto it is its multiculturalism. All races and religions live together at all levels. It kind of makes me think of Babel in the Bible. I love how this city gives me full access to all kinds of minds and cultures. I thought the question of religion here is not a hot topic like it would be in my hometown somewhere in Eastern Europe, for example. But it is not exactly the case. Citeşte restul articolului aici.